dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Mele_HTPC_0929_BETA_V1.3 Revised version

Another version of the V1.3 Beta release:
Direct link to firmware: Mele_HTPC_0929_BETA_V1.3 Revised version
With a new package: Mele tools: http://bbs.mele.cn/attachment.aspx?attachmentid=1525
This application enables in order:
- shutdown,
- reboot in normal mode,
- reboot in recovery mode,
- write recovery img from SDCard
- write bootloader.img from SDCard
- go on the weibo site (don't know what for)

I found here: http://www.hdpfans.com/thread-156730-1-1.html some explanations about this newest firmware modifications, seems to be rebased on the V1.1 version instead of the V1.2 version, and based on the v1.1 launcher.

I experienced system latencies with the previous v1.3 beta and now it refuses to boot.
Downloading to see if it works better...

3 commentaires:

  1. Thanks Thierry I'm waiting you opinion about this last beta and perhaps your Us costumized versión

  2. Grate - can you translate in normal english?
    I didnt know what the "brush" is.

    1) "The brush into bootloader operation has been performed, to verify your own brush into success"

    2) "Preparatory work before the ongoing Brush, the system will automatically go into at a later recovery mode brush machine, please wait"

    >- go on the weibo site (don't know what for)
    It looks like china's facebook) Mele has one too http://e.weibo.com/szmele

    1. "brush" means burn maybe.
      So this could mean:
      1) The burn of bootloader operation has been performed, ...
      2) Preparing the ongoing burn, the system will automatically go into recovery mode burn operation, please wait.

      The recovery.img is a CWM image in fact, that recognizes the F10 remote control.

      I managed to run the update.zip under CWM. You need to put on a vfat formatted: MeleTool.apk, recovery.img, bootloader.img, update.zip
      MeleTool installed, you can install first recovery.img, then bootloader.img that will reboot automatically the device.
      At this point it fails since boot0 tries to load something in the inserted sdcard. Remove it, reset the device, it will boot into CWM. Then re-insert the sdcard, and apply update.zip.
      I am at this point...