samedi 20 avril 2013

Mele mobile phone remote control

Mobile phone remote control software
With this piece of software you can control your Mele device from your mobile phone (over wifi).
Install this apk on your mobile phone, and you will have thie following controls (slide at the bottom of the screen):

MeLE_A10_SDK1.6_V2.0.1 img+sdcard version

This firmware is particular with its frontend looking like Windows 8.

Original thread: Mele brand new Win8 GUI v2.0.1 update
This is an update from 1.3.1 firmware but I generated a new firmware image (less issues with previous state).

From what I saw:
- mp4 seek fixed
- network issues after suspend seem to have been fixed

Here are the modified versions:

PhoenixCard image is flashed using this: PhoenixCardV306
dd-able img is flashed using:
  - under linux: bzip2 -cd Mele_4.0_V1.3BETA_revised_en_us_4.ddimg.bz2|dd of=/dev/sdx bs=4096
  - under Windows: uncompress the archive before, and then use WinImage
The SDCard version is something like a "live-sdcard". You can run it without affecting the flashed image.
sdcard version, under linux only, run: cd sdcard/; make DEV=/dev/sdx (where sdx is the sdcard device number).

This time I chose to not include APEX launcher.
You can download it freely from hereApex Launcher

<not tested>: To get google apps, from the installed Mele firmware, use the Internet navigator and download this:
This will put the file in /mnt/sdcard/Download/, where the init script looks at.

Reboot, wait for the device to reboot and you are done.
The details of what is modified in this firmware from the original version:
- boot defaults to en_US
- deactivated /system/lib/hw/ (fixes 100% system_server bug)
- added /etc/init.d capability
- added capability to install gapps if zip present in /mnt/sdcard, by a /etc/init.d script
- removed the Chinese applications (you can still find them in the original in system/preinstall and system/vendor/app, I kept Flash Player).
- added xpad.ko module (found here: MELE A1000 Hacking - XBOX 360 controller support in 3.0.8 kernel)