jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Mele Android 4.0.4 ICS firmware v1.3 en_US customized

New Mele firmware:
Its name is Mele_HTPC_0929_BETA_V1.3.rar
but the changelog does not show many improvements...

Nevertheless I customized this one here: Mele_4.0_V1.3BETA_custom_en_us_apex.img

I made the same customizations:
- replacing the stock /system/app/Launcher2.apk by ApexLauncher
- removing /system/app/Mele_Launcher.apk
- adding /system/app/Vending.apk (Google Play)
- removing preinstalled applications (7StationGame_v1.1.15_DXsigned.apk 360buy_TV_v1.0.1_meleTV.apk Googlepinyin.apk MELE4.0_wasu_1.0.0.6_0906.apk QQ_1.9.1.apk VoolePlayV1.0SP4_mailea10_20251.apk AdobeFlashPlayer11.1.112.60.apk)
- adding service.adb.tcp.port=5555 in build.prop
- adding Andrew patch 1.0.apk 

This time I managed to preinstall these things automatically at first start. A script named /system/bin/ is here to perform that, I just patched it in order to load packages from /system/preinstall/ instead of /sdcard/preinstall.

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  1. How do you do img? This img not for phoenixcard?
    sooo strong captha - very difficult(

    1. I did this image file as usual, nothing special... should work with phoenixcard (tested it OK)
      Did you download it completely?
      size=295425024 bytes

    2. i mean you are compile img for PhoenixCard by kitchen?

    3. Yes, I made this img with the kitchen, and works with PhoenixCard.

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    5. Do you want a parcel gift from me?) Motherland of Leo Tolstoy))

  2. Is the 1.3 version any better than 1.1? I flashed 1.2, and I think it was faster, but Chinese home screen and lack of Google Market was too much for me... On 1.1 there are audio sync problems with avi and mkv, I have managed to deal with it using MX Player and audio sw decoding.

    1. The 1.3 is not much more than 1.2 version.
      From what I see they added a media player (FireAir player) that is able to play the same videos as the old Tvdvideo (but I prefer by far MxPlayer).
      They have simplified the system settings also.

      My customized en_US version removes the Chinese home screen, and adds Google Play and Apex Launcher (enhancement of the standard Google launcher, try it you will love it).
      I experienced the audio sync issues but as I googled on that, seems that many people have the same issue on Android ICS+MxPlayer.

      The best would be to upgrade to JellyBean (for the audio improvement). I tried but failed at system startup.

  3. Thanks for your work on the custom rom. I really prefer your English versions. I had some troubles with the 1.2 version though. Initially it worked fine, then it fails to boot, stops at the Mele logo. Maybe it has something to do with the applications I installed. Do you face this issue?

    1. No issue... but I did not install many applications. Nothing apart from Astro, youtube and MxPlayer. Did you install an application that perform operations with root access? Perhaps they corrupt in some way the /system filesystem.

  4. fireair is wonderfull , it is a main enhencement, it's a dlna device, you can push photos or movies from your smartphone directly to your mele.

  5. Hello, I do this sort of thing as well, rather, I replace the kernel with one that has the NIC fixes. I don't suppose you would be into cooperation, and I can get your the fixed kernel?

    As a side note, it would also save me time if it had a UPNP client, something like BubbleUPNP, but I don't mind which..

    1. Seems that my blog gains in popularity :)
      Indeed it already tried to compile kernel but I may have done something wrong since it failed to boot.
      Of course it would be a very good thing to include your fixed kernel. I thought this wemac issue was fixed in this firmware.
      I am reading your wiki now...

    2. Ah, and for the side note, I am not sure that BubbleUPNP is available outside of Google Play (ApexLauncher is available on their Internet site).
      I would be glad to add it if it were available.
      The included FireAir receiver application appears as a UPNP renderer. So you can throw on the Mele device videos from your a UPNP server with BubbleUPNP.

    3. I found an old BubbleUPNP, but yes I don't know the legal side of that (it is an free/ad app after all). But since you add GooglePlay, that is even better!

      I am pleased with the kernel now, but since it is the old 3.0.8+ one, I heard rumours that "sata" support was fixed later. So if sata is broken, we might need to back port it.

      wemac needs to say v1.01 on boot to be the fixed version. I also suggest setprop network tweaks, which we might consider adding to the default.

    4. Having tried it, it seems the only kernel we can build also has something wrong with the audio. playback will stop after a few seconds due to NULL ptr errors. So for now, we can not build kernels for Android.

    5. I tried to put your kernel, but I get no sound at all via HDMI (and "media" process segfaults constantly).
      I found out the line in script.bin that enables Ethernet to work.
      Line that disables Ethernet:
      audio_pa_ctrl = port:PH15<1><0>
      Line that enables Ethernet:
      audio_pa_ctrl = port:PH07<1><0>
      There may be a conflict in ports between audio and Ethernet I/O...
      I will try to modify only this line in the Mele's script.bin to see if it works, as soon as I find time.

  6. for me, this new android version is waaaaay slower on the mele.
    Very frustrating to use.

    we need xbmcbuntu on this device!!!!!

    1. Indeed, there is a bug around CPU usage after a device suspend, I did not find yet the root cause.
      Reboot the device and it should be as fast as it should be.