jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Mele flash kitchen v3

Since this article: I made some little evolutions.

Here is the Mele flash kitchen v3: mele_flash_kitchen_v3.tgz

The usage is the same.

I added a little script,, that converts an Android updater script (META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script) from an into a UNIX shell script (I wrote some wrappers for Android functions).
It is useful when you want to apply an update on pre-extracted and mounted system and root partitions (you have to specify their locations to the script).
The -b option is added to so that you can blank the sdcard partitions (takes long time) before writing data on them. It is useful if you want to create an archive of the sdcard version (0 are better compressed than random values).

Here are the differences:
mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/Makefile: fixed boot tar uncompressing error (due to bad userid)
mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/ added -b option to wipe partitions before writing, minor fixes thanks to user Spell
Created mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/partitions_4GB.txt and
mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/partitions_8GB.txt (just change the symbolic link partitions.txt to point to what you prefer)
Created mele_flash_kitchen/tools/ a script that converts an Android update script (found in files) to a shell script. Handy to apply an update on an uncompressed system image.