samedi 11 mai 2013

Mele V2.0.3: Fixing "Unfortunately, the process has stopped."

After having installed the gapps against the Mele V2.0.3 firmware, this error popup appears:
"Unfortunately, the process has stopped"
This is due to the lack of ContactsProvider app.
Adding it makes the error disapear.

Install this: ContactsProvider.apk
This package comes from the 1.3.1 version of Mele firmware

lundi 6 mai 2013

Mele V2.0.3 en_US img+sdcard version

This is an update of the v2.0.1 Win8 firmware.

Original thread: The ultimate single-core fun new firmware V2.0.3 released

This is an update from 1.3.1 firmware but I generated a new firmware image (less issues with previous state).

What is fixed:
- avi/mkv/mp4 issues fixed

Here are the modified versions:
Phoenixcard image: v2.0.3_en_US.img
dd-able img: v2.0.3_en_US.ddimg.bz2
sdcard version: v2.0.3_en_US.sdcard.bz2

Edit: fixed the "Unfortunately, the process has stopped" issue after having installed, refer to ->this<- post.

PhoenixCard image is flashed using this: PhoenixCardV306
dd-able img is flashed using:
  - under linux: bzip2 -cd Mele_4.0_V1.3BETA_revised_en_us_4.ddimg.bz2|dd of=/dev/sdx bs=4096
  - under Windows: uncompress the archive before, and then use WinImage
The SDCard version is something like a "live-sdcard". You can run it without affecting the flashed image.
sdcard version, under linux only, run: cd sdcard/; make DEV=/dev/sdx (where sdx is the sdcard device number).

This time I chose to not include APEX launcher.
You can download it freely from hereApex Launcher

<not tested>: To get google apps, from the installed Mele firmware, use the Internet navigator and download this:
This will put the file in /mnt/sdcard/Download/, where the init script looks at.

Reboot, wait for the device to reboot and you are done.
The details of what is modified in this firmware from the original version:
- boot defaults to en_US
- deactivated /system/lib/hw/ (fixes 100% system_server bug)
- added /etc/init.d capability
- added capability to install gapps if zip present in /mnt/sdcard, by a /etc/init.d script
- removed the Chinese applications (you can still find them in the original in system/preinstall and system/vendor/app, I kept Flash Player).
- added xpad.ko module (found here: MELE A1000 Hacking - XBOX 360 controller support in 3.0.8 kernel)