mardi 11 septembre 2012

New Mele ICS firmware v1.2

As JP noticed, a new official Mele firmware has been released:
I found out a discussion on Mele on reddit:

As usual, the Phoenix firmware software contained in this archive is still 3.0.3 so be careful to find out the 3.0.6 version under Windows 7.

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  1. I’ve uploaded the firmware to two random file hostings:
    Remember to use the PhoenixCard 3.0.6 (not included on the rar) under Windows 7.

  2. New firmwaire are bad, debug panel are hide. adb not works on usb or lan.

  3. Indeed they replaced the standard launcher by a custom launcher.
    I modded the original image to add in /system/build.prop the following line:
    And got the lan adb shell working at boot.
    Then I was able to install Apex launcher:
    adb push-ed this file on target, then pm install /somepath/ApexLauncher_v1.2.5.apk
    And set it as the default launcher (by pressing the "home" button).
    I am wondering what is new in this firmware, perhaps the previous one is the best for non-Chinese people.

    1. Very interesting. My neighbor want to integrate one or two drivers in firmware. Do you Have time for this?
      it will be paid for in advance.
      But this is not my questions. I have same device and we want to use it in our projects. And i try to penetrate in android world on any levels)
      follow your work with great interest. Mele is cheapest device. But so sorry without open source. I think i try to use linaro firmware for supported hardware.

    2. Linaro is a linux distribution, you loose the Android platform. You could try to run a CyanogenMod 9 image, some have succeeded in running it on Mele:

      Sorry, no time to support firmware... but you can compile kernel module using the amery linux kernel for allwinner a10 (change the kernel version in makefile in 3.0.8+) and seems that the resulting kernel modules work as is:

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    4. Linaro has android

      Is'n it?

      Cm9 not supported remote control. Can you supporting where to dig?)

    5. Indeed, linaro provides Android for various platforms, need to check if one of them is able to run on a Cortex A8 platform...
      I stayed on the linaro Ubuntu distribution that runs OK on Mele.