vendredi 10 août 2012

New Mele A1000/A2000 ICS Android 4.0.4 firmware released

I was quite happy with the latest official Mele firmware except blank screens on Youtube/Flash/video (for example in MxPlayer).
A new firmware has been released to fix this issue, and to enhance some other things: Download center for 2012-08-10 4.0.4 firmware

(archive name: MELE_android_4.0_vision 1.1.rar)
Additional note: there is an issue with Windows 7 PhoenixCard (thanks to JP for pointing it out), see my next post.

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  1. Hello Thierry, I've a problem, every time I try to update the A1000 with the new image the led keeps blinking forever, even I can't flash the old 1.6 image (I'm using the previus HTPC android 4.0 image). Do you know what can I do?

    1. Hello JP,
      don't know... The flashing process takes some minutes, be patient.
      Does the box work again after reboot? If so, nothing has been flashed and the error is a basic one.
      Perhaps the log file written by the bootloader on failure contains information about the failure.
      You must use a SDCARD at least 4GB with PhoenixCard, under Windows.

    2. Hi, well, I've waited almost 10 minutes since the flash process started, and nothing, I've used two 2GB sd cards with the same results.
      I had to switch the power manually, when the device starts nothing has changed, even the personal settings.
      So that means that the flash has not been touched.

    3. I've found the problem, the PhoenixCard software that comes with the firmware (3.0.3) doesn't work for me, I downloaded the 3.0.6 version and all worked just fine.
      Hope that this help someone else.

      Thank you.

  2. Strange... I retried the v3.0.3 PhoenixCard Windows XP software just now and it works with this firmware.
    PhoenixCard 3.0.3 Windows 7 issue?
    Thanks for the report, let's say that PhoenixCard 3.0.6 recommended (find here:
    I will post some videos showing in real time the good flash process, and the bad flash process I had when tweaking the firmware.

  3. Downloaded v1.3 from Mele site but after successful install found out it's all in chinese Lol. Fast version though. Going to check this version.

    Thanks again.

    1. Please take my latest customized firmware:

  4. Dear Thierry,

    I just got a Mele a2000g and I think that I bricked it...
    I was trying to flash a new rom (for the first time), when I wiped the data I disconnected the power. Now it only shows the blue led on when I connect the power, showing nothing at the screen...

    It is possible to restore it?

    Hope you can help me.

    Kind regards