mercredi 1 août 2012

New hack: mele A2000

Received this
Mele A1000 is a $70 hackable, Linux-friendly ARM-based PC (the Mele A2000 version, seems that only VGA output position is different, specifications are the same).
I bought also the Mele F10 remote, great that it works via RF and not via IR. This allows to hide the Mele box, and still be able to move the mouse.
My first modification is to install a better firmware, at least under ICS.
I took android_4.0.img following this site: MeLe A2000
With this firmware you already have root access, and busybox.

A weird thing: the IR sensor captures my SAMSUNG TV remote, volume down performs "back" in videos.
Install an Android terminal, and then:
rmmod sun4i_ir
removes the IR sensor capability (useless with the F10 remote).
The next annoying thing was the blue LED, too bright from my taste; the red one is better. Sanction:
echo '0' > /sys/devices/platform/gpio_sw.1/gpio_sw/PH20/data
and power on the red one, just in order to see that the device is ON:
echo '1' > /sys/devices/platform/gpio_sw.0/gpio_sw/PH10/data

CIFS module is loaded; you can mount CIFS network shares like this:
mkdir -p /mnt/cifs/videos
busybox mount -t cifs -o user=guest,domain=MYGROUP // /mnt/cifs/videos
(change the parameters with yours).

Enable adb connection via TCP (instead of USB):
setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
stop adbd
start adbd
ifconfig eth0

Well, I want to automate this by generating my own firmware. The best would be to try on the SD Card before flashing it. shows how to generate a bootable SD Card, but for a linux distribution.
To be continued...

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