samedi 18 janvier 2014

How to install applications without Google Play support

... with the help of ES Explorer and a Google Play-enabled device.

Google Play can be a pain to install on Mele (and other Google non-supported devices), and if you don't need to have your Mele device in sync with your Google account, there is a simple way to install simple applications.

ES Explorer has a very useful tool: the App Manager. It allows you to send from an Android device (with Google Play) to another Android device (without Google Play) an application package provided that each one has launched ES Explorer and both are connected to a local network.
The main drawback is that the installed applications are no more connected to your Google account (no update notification, no Google account support)
Here is a step-by-step howto, to install Mount Manager app on the Mele device without having Google Play installed.
I took my Android phone, and installed Mount Manager.

On the Mele device, simply launch ES Explorer.
On the Android phone, in ES Explorer, go to Tools->App Manager:
Long-press on the required application:
Then press 'Send' action, ES Explorer will look for available devices on the network:
Once done, you have to check 'Mele HTPC', and press 'Send':
On the Mele device you will get a notification:
Confirm and select a destination directory, for example '/sdcard/Download'. Finally, ES Explorer gives you the choice to 'Open' the package, in other words to install it:
Click on 'Open' to install the application:
That's all!

3 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Thierry,
    J'ai question, ce version firmware,
    il la version de firmware soutien travail
    Dongle USB Bluetooth

    1. Bonjour Sergey!
      Unfortunately no, this requires a framework that is absent.
      I guess it needs some kernel modules, and some implementation in the Android framework for this device.
      Don't mix with RF keyboard and mouse, that kind of devices work (HID devices).

    2. Ah, I found out the kernel drivers:
      These 2 modules come from a compatibility pack for some CM9 firmware.
      With that modules, my USB bluetooth dongle is initialized (/sys/class/bluetooth is not empty). But still missing the framework, I got a "E/BluetoothAdapter( 5281): this device does not have Bluetooth support"