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Mele V2.0.5 en_US firmware

Yet another update of the "Win8" firmware.

Original thread: V2.0.5 firmware release-A100, A1000, A2000, A3600, A3700 from this forum thread but you will get the Chinese apps and default language.
Only bugfixes in this release (from what I understand from Chinese forums - "other known bug").

Note: I added GappInstaller in this version. You can download the right Google apps, and install them all from GUI. To download, always choose the "Browser" app (and not ES downloader); some javascript stuff need to be run to download properly, be patient. The download status is buggy, check the download status from the launcher.

Customised en_US versionv2.0.5_en_US.img
md5sum 8886691131060437df5322f6af643135  v2.0.5_en_US.img
You need PhoenixCard for this image: PhoenixCardV306

dd-able imgv2.0.5_en_US.ddimg.bz2
md5sum 356a407d4c9cd553faa1df0109d8d6ed  v2.0.5_en_US.ddimg.bz2
Under linux, to burn it, just perform:
  bzip2 -cd v2.0.5_en_US.ddimg.bz2|dd of=/dev/sdX bs=4096
Under Windows, use Win32 Disk Imager

Edit: Fixed the "./ "" /dev/sdc" issue in the sdcard version, please re-download it:
sdcard version (sort of live-cd version): v2.0.5-1_en_US.sdcard.tgz
md5sum 00e8d48568e18555bfe930dcb97bb2d1  v2.0.5-1_en_US.sdcard.tgz
By default, it uses a 4GB sdcard; under linux, uncompress and as root: make DEV=/dev/sdX (X is the device letter of your sdcard)
If you want to change for a 8GB sdcard (you get more space for /sdcard), just change the symbolic link 'partitions.txt' to point to partitions_8GB.txt (rm partitions.txt && ln -s partitions_8GB.txt partitions.txt) before make.
I included the "Spell"'s modifications (removed useless, added an option to zero partitions before formatting, useful for making dd-able images). make DEV=/dev/sdX BLANK=yes if you want to put zeroes in partitions before formatting. 

To sum-up the functionalities of the Mele firmware:
- DLNA renderer, use UPnP to throw pictures/videos to your TV from your mobile phone (via WIFI).
- Mele mobile phone remote control, control the Mele device from your mobile phone (via WIFI), app described here: Mele mobile phone remote control
- webdav server. Don't know how to use it, but lighttpd is configured on Mele to serve something "webdav".
- adb-over-tcp functionality; from your PC, just perform adb connect your-mele-ip-addr to debug you device

Working Youtube v4.1.23:
md5sum f03826bf9ac04e18834d855d9e965482  YouTube.apk

What I added/fixed:
- copied some app/apks (from v1.3.1 fw) in order to support gapps (not tested)
- added ES Explorer
- boot defaults to en_US
- deactivated /system/lib/hw/ (fixes 100% system_server bug)
- deactivated u3gmonitor, findms services (consumes lots of CPU and I don't know why)
- added /etc/init.d capability
- added capability to install gapps if zip present in /mnt/sdcard, by a /etc/init.d script
- removed the Chinese applications (you can still find them in the original in system/preinstall and system/vendor/app, I kept Flash Player).
- added xpad.ko module (found here: MELE A1000 Hacking - XBOX 360 controller support in 3.0.8 kernel)
- added GappInstaller-1.2, a user-friendly app to download and install Google apps.

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  1. Hi terry , yesterday i installed version 2.0.5 and gapps and everything was ok until today i reboot the device and then the apks on /data/app where gone (flash,es explorer,gappsintaller,etc.) ... ¿any idea?

    i will try to see if anything else is also missing and try to restore it from the image

    1. Interesting... only /data/app was wiped-out? Perhaps a flash data corruption... Did you power off the device in another way than the remote's "power" button?

    2. Mmm... you ask just the rights question ... first i didnt use the remote "power" button i power off and on using the devices power button, also as i find out later after some searching /data/app (and only this) wasnt wiped just was "corrupted" (all the apks were in /data/app/lost+found) so i restored the apk (after checking they where ok) and for now everything is working .

  2. Hello Thierry thanks the for the last US . Anybody know if is it possible run Netflix with this fw

    1. I tried this the other night. I still get the audio but no video as in earlier versions. :-(

  3. Hello, thanks for the new version!
    Do you have Youtube working on this FW? I tried lots of Youtube versions, even 3.x, on FW 2.0.4 and they all failed with protobuf error.

    1. Hi
      I made it work by searching for the video with the browser and open the resulting link with youtube. After that, the YouTube app seems to open correctly as a standalone app... most of the time...

    2. Wow. Interesting. I'll try

  4. Hi Thierry,
    Does this firmware work on Quad core MeLe A1000G (Allwinner A31 Cortex A7)?
    The firmware 1.2.7 shipped with my A1000G is too buggy and unreliable. It crashed all the time. Right now, Mele didn't have any new firmware for A1000G. I would like to try your 2.0.5 firmware on my box

    1. No, this is not the same System-On-Chip (SOC). You may try firmwares for Mele M9:
      This is the same SOC except the lack of SATA (

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  6. Never used Linux before, would mind write a step by step for sdcard version please?

    the sdcard version (sort of live-cd version): v2.0.4_en_US.sdcard.tgz

    By default, it uses a 4GB sdcard; under linux, uncompress and as root: make DEV=/dev/sdX (X is the device letter of your sdcard)

    1)how to "uncompress" and where to "uncompress"?
    2)how to run "make DEV=/dev/sdX" and where to run from?

    Thank you!


    Thierry8 août 2013 00:17
    1) : tar xvf /path/to/v2.0.4_en_US.sdcard.tgz
    2) To determine the device corresponding to you sdcard, insert it, and run lsblk.
    You will have an output like this:
    bash-4.2$ lsblk
    sda 8:0 0 123,4G 0 disk
    ├─sda1 8:1 0 8G 0 part /
    ├─sda2 8:2 0 1K 0 part
    ├─sda3 8:3 0 31,1G 0 part
    sdb 8:16 0 456,7G 0 disk
    └─sdb1 8:17 0 456,7G 0 part
    sdc 8:32 1 7,4G 0 disk
    └─sdc1 8:33 1 7,4G 0 part
    In my case, my 8GB sdcard is recognized as "sdc" so I must perform:
    cd sdcard
    make DEV=/dev/sdc


    MeLe4SDcard15 août 2013 13:52
    After type make DEV=/dev/sdc, got error message like these:

    ./ "" /dev/sdc
    Usage: ./ [-b]
    -b: blank partition before writing (use for dd-able sdcard image creation)
    make: *** [all] Error 1

    1. Argh yes, there is a mistake in the Makefile.
      Either perform make -b DEV=/dev/sdc (-b option zeroes the sdcard before writing)
      Or fix the Makefile by replacing this line:
      I will update the sdcard version with the fixed Makefile

    2. And please double check the device number with lsblk; it is very important otherwise you could mistakenly erase a plugged USB key, harddrive or whatever...

  7. Can you take a video about how step by step to create sdcard boot? and put on YouTube please?

  8. hi Thierry (again), after several weeks having trouble with /data partition (and no one else has this) changing to readonly mode and files being found on /data/lost+found (this happens every couple of days), i think that my problem is the memory being damaged since i hardly use the device other than for watching movies once a day and downloanding torrents so heres my dilema ¿can i force the device to mount /data from a dd-able image on usb hardisk instead of /dev/block/nande ? i already made a dd image of /data and mounted it on other directory but cant switch the already mounted /data to the image

    PD: I kwon that i can use the "live sdcard" avoidying the use of the memory at all but i think taht a hardisk is more relaible

    PD 2: mm ... a crazy thought ... ¿can a usb hardisk be used as a "live-usb" ? or only the usb port for the sdcard can do that

    1. You mean, going with the "live sdcard" version and mount /data from a USB harddisk? Yes, it is possible (never tried I must admit).
      You must change the /init.sun4i.rc script to mount /data from your USB disk instead of the sdcard (you will find the script in the root.tgz archive of v2.0.5-1_en_US.sdcard.tgz)
      /data is a linux ext4 partition so you must create a ext4 partition on your usb disk, and change the script:
      mount ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 /data wait noatime nosuid nodev barrier=0
      mount ext4 /dev/block/sda1 /data wait noatime nosuid nodev barrier=0
      (if your ext4 partition on harddisk is sda1)

      You can put also the "UDISK" partition on the usb disk if you want.

      You cannot boot directly from a USB disk since the ROM bootloader checks only nand, then sdcard for the second level bootloader. So all in all you need a sdcard at least for the boot partition.

    2. Mmmm i was thinking of modifying the device but didnt know if it was possible or how to do it and now that you mention /init.sun4i.rc i notice that its also on the device so when i have time i'll try that and if doesnt work then use the "live sdcard" instead.

      Thanks for making time to answer to this newbie on this android/linux things

    3. I'm not 100% sure but you'll also have to modify init.rc to mount peripheral USB at startup. AFAIK, by default it is mounted only when system completely loads. If I were you I'd try finding some flash memory repair tools. Another option is to use internal /sdcard as /data. But if you really have your internal memory physically corrupted then other partitions like /system, /boot could soon get damaged too. Luckily you have an option to use Live-SD anyway.

  9. Hi Thierre, when i tried to install GAPPS with others version of these firmwares i have many errors and the device reboots itself and then i dont have video. I am using the mele with vga and AV cables and the error its after i tried to install google apps. Hope that this firmware works.

  10. This is a great ROM Thierry! I'd like to see if there's a way to make Netflix video work. I think it has something to do with making the HDMI the "primary" output.

    Are you able to release the scripts you used to build this so I don't have to start from scratch?

    1. Yes, we could try that. Are you using the live sdcard version? It is the easiest way to try out script.bin modifications.

    2. No, I was using the dd-able image version. I'll try the live sdcard version soon.

    3. Hello !
      I'm trying to use the NETFLIX but it not work on firmware version 2.0.5. Then I was testing earlier versions.

      - Version 1.2 custom ( ).
      The NETFLIX works normally ( install the apk with the previously downloaded ) however this ROM is problematic because when you configure the "Google Play" and this is updated when restarting the device no longer works.

      Then used the version 2.0.5 sdcard I replace the folder /system/lib version 2.0.5 with the folder /system/lib version 1.2. Thus my MELE A2000G works with "Google Play" configured and updated and with NETFLIX with perfect Audio and Video, but other things stop working as the audio output selector and fireair (DLNA) . I've tried to trade some driver files in the folder /system/lib merging the two versions but everything hangs. I 'm not smart enough to know which files change .

      If anyone is interested in looking for the correct drivers used by the system to render videos on the NETFLIX application could try together the changes and tests .

      I thank the attention .


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    5. Solution to the problem with NETFLIX:

      Replace the files from the old version CEDAR. Below are the files that should be unzipped into the folder /system/lib/

      I did not notice any problems with these files. For me everything functioned continued working and went on NETFLIX run normally.


    6. Great thanks for the information!
      I will prepare a new firmware with this fix (and a little optimization in build.prop from Ptoledo).
      This was the major issue with this firmware and I am not able to test netflix.

  11. Could be possible to integrate the Iconbit launcher in this verson? It has big icons and its esay to reach to the apps, and it`s also stable. I cant say that from the win8 interface, and who the hell wants a win interface in a unix machine?

    1. I must admit I use Nova launcher instead. Do you have a link to the Iconbit launcher (of firmware containing it) so that I can test it to see the difference with Nova?

  12. Hello, I've just received a Mele A2000G. I'm not quite happy with it. Because:
    - I tried to install several youtube apk versions and all of them crashed a couple of seconds after launched.
    - Streams videos over internet don't work smoothly, it seems the proccessor has not enough power to handle them.
    - During playback on some mkv videos,the jump or goto function doesn't work.
    - Can't stream videos from a LAN computer smoothly.
    Will this firmware could enhace these items?

  13. What's the difference between "Customised en_US version" and "dd-able img"??

    1. The resulting sdcard is the same (one that will flash itself on the device once booted). These archives differ only in the way to burn them on the sdcard. "Customised en_US version" must be burnt with PhoenixCard, dd-able img can be burnt using linux 'dd' command or Windows Win32 disk imager.

  14. Hi I have found the apk of the launcher here and installed it on your firmware, I have installed mediacenter apk too, but it doesn´t seem to work.

    1. Thanks.
      I tried the launcher and yes, it looks good for a media center. It is highly linked with the mediacenter, and I tried it, and got into trouble too.
      I managed to get logcat and strace outputs but this did not get me any clue on the issue, sadly...

  15. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

      Here is the latest version of iconbit firmware but its a bit outdated. I cant say if Mele has inproved his firmware more than installing on it the buggy Win8 interface. I have uninstalled it because It hangs a lot, the win8 interface I say not your firmware.

      One thing, when I had iconbit firmware intalled it had google play on it but having to install the gapps now I have lots of telephone apps, like contacts, I supose they can be erased. Were are located the installed apks? But on iconbit firmware I had gapps problem that process was hanging all the day, so I tried your firm.

      Another question?, this seems a forum post xDDDDD Can we install a ClockWorkMod Recovery, I have seen a post but it seems to be outdated and only works with an earlier version of the firmware. Is there any ClockWorkMod rom for our device? I dont think so as I havent seen any.
      Excuse my poor english but I think you sould understand wath I want to say

    2. I will try this firmware; I think it is the same as Mele's official Mele_HTPC_20130116_V1.3.1.
      System applications are located in /system/app/
      You can find a list of apks with their use here:
      For the CWM recovery, I managed to make it work but since then I forgot how I did that since I did not use it anymore. The main issue was the four-screen bug as mentioned here:

    3. I tried it, and yes there is the same issue as Mele's firmware. After suspend, the system is slow due to an abnormal 100% CPU consumption.
      I solved that by removing /system/lib/hw/
      But I find the same bugs (video seek issue in .mp4) as in the Mele firmware.
      I follow with interest this thread:
      Ugers managed to get video hardware acceleration on a JellyBean firmware, that a great work!

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  17. Looks interesting, I must install XBMC with MXPlayer as external player, and its plugin for dts to make some tests. When I tried this test videos the mele worked very well, with its official firmware.
    My mele is a renamed Woxter Android TV 500 and its firware was a holly shit, and it has never been updated.
    The correct version of MXPlayer for our device is the ARMv7 NEON? im not really sure

    1. Right, the correct version is MxPlayer with ARMv7 NEON.

  18. 1) How could I make cifsmanager work???
    2) I have a lot of mp3 files stored in a SATA HD. I use musixmatch to play music but it doesn't find the files stored in SATA device. ¿How could that be done? Thanks.

    1. I mount my network share on /mnt/sdcard/Movies like this:
      /system/bin/busybox mount -t cifs -o user=guest,domain=MYGROUP // /mnt/sdcard/Movies

      I put this command line in /etc/init.d/99test
      I gues musixmatch relies on the Android media scanner and sata HD is not scanned...

  19. Some interesting things in new firmwares, wich arent for the Mele A2000 but perhaps we could extrart some apps from them
    br iso support looks promising, 4k video is not supported by our CPU and TV is a renamed XBMC, I have installed it to try. But I will do tomorrow, must go to work

  20. This is a new version?

    1. I will generate a sdcard version to try it out...

    2. A good point: Google Play is here
      Bad points: mp4 seek issue, bad performances on HD1080p video playing over the network, 100% system_server bug after suspend.
      I had to deactivate FireAir receiver+u3gmonitor since they consume too much CPU
      I don't see any difference between this firmware and the Mele's v1.3.1 version (at least for my Mele A2000).
      This v2.0.5 is better for a media center usage (100% of my use).

      I really hope to see something working from Uger's work:
      But things are not easy due to updates, takes time...

  21. How do you play video over network please??? Thanks.

    1. I use ES Explorer, the LAN network function.
      My video files are shared via Samba/CIFS.

  22. Hi Thierry, guys,
    does anyone has the problem of constant application restart under load?

  23. Yes it has appeared constantly, the iconbit launcher and facebook, and ES Explorer are the ones that worked worse

  24. Bad to hear,
    this makes my Mele A1000 practically unusable as torrent client as Ttorrent Pro keeps restarting and wasting time rechecking all the files.

    1. ES Explorer works quite well for me... I must admit I installed the Nova launcher and removed the Mele Launcher and
      MeleLauncherDownloader, and did not connect Google Play (I retore the apps using Titanium Backup). I guess this setup is not possible for paid apps.
      I think a Cyanogenmod firmware would be more adapted to support Google apps.

  25. I have been triying to download to a sata HD and an sd card, but the download speed was ridiculous. I tried to open ports in the router with no luck.

    Can you download at good speed?

  26. I can downloand torrents to a sata hd at good speed, I guess it's the only thing that my Mele does well.

  27. I tryed to do this manual to install only google play by installing this

    If you want Google Play only, you must keep the following ones:
    GmsCore.apk (Google Play Services)
    Phonesky.apk (Google Play Store)
    If you don’t keep all four of them, Play is not gonna work properly.

    But I couldn´t see all the mentioned apks in the downloaded zip

  28. Is is normal that these v2.0.x versions are missing the PPPoE support? v1.3.1 had it and it worked fine, after updating to v2 it's lost. Any idea?

    1. I don't know, honestly. The service is here (in init.rc, you have the pppoe service, and system/bin/pppoe-connect exists).
      Nevertheless, the system/bin/pppoe-connect script is different from v1.3.1
      On v1.3.1: pppoe service startup is automatic or do you need to perform an action?

  29. I have found this. Perhaps its better than install all the gapps

    We only need play store, youtube and perhaps google maps

    1. Good finding... there is a way to wipe dalvik cache after installing the gapps zip (This thing is missing currently):
      write a text file: /cache/recovery/command containing only:
      " --wipe_cache"
      and reboot in recovery mode will wipe the cache partition (I use the Novo7 tool).

    2. How to "flash" this gapps in the device?

    3. Just provide a zip file downloaded from to the gappupdater application, it should do the trick.
      I did not try it so it may fail completely...

  30. I dont understand all your message correctly, especially the last sentence, as I haven´t done any wipes, and english is not my mother language. Can you explain it better?, and I thought that we haven´t go a recovery to wipe from

    1. There is a recovery system, and you can order it to wipe cache by writing a file (/cache/recovery/command) and reboot in recovery mode. I should enhance the GoogleInstaller app in order to perform that automatically.

  31. I tried the sdcard version on a tabled equipped with Allwinner A10 and a 10" touchscreen.
    I replaced the script.bin and the script0.bin with the ones from the stock (android) rom of my tablet and it boots!
    I see the boot animation but after the screen becomes blank (the tablet is still on and emits some beep when i press the volume keys but seems the output is sent to hdmi)
    Is it possible to send the output to the screen instead of hdmi?

    1. You can find some explanations on A10 display configuration in script.bin here:
      Perhaps a bad resolution?

    2. thanks for the reply.
      i've seen the link you gave me, but i'm using the original script.bin of the tablet, hence the display configuration in it should be correct (the resolution is 1024x600)
      Unfortunately i have no hdmi device to be sure, i have made a supposition: the screen becomes blank immediately after the boot animation.
      As you know, there is some log file i can see?

    3. Are you able to have a adb shell on your device?
      "adb locat" will give more information on the issue.
      Also, "adb shell dmesg" could give information, kernel based.

    4. adb devices shows me "20080411 offline" and adb logcat hangs on "waiting for devices" :(

      however, in my device manager i can see this:
      vid 18d1 pid 0003

    5. adb connects by default on ethernet unfortunately. I don't know if this firmware has adb over usb feature.
      You can try to put persist.service.adb.enable=1 in /system/build.prop

  32. Dear Thierry,

    I have a Mele A2000 and I would like to use it only to play the movies stored in my synology NAS. Do you think it would be possible to boot the MeleA2000 with linux with mplayer and an upnp/dlna client? Do you think this set up will be more efficient, cpu wise, than trying to do the same thing with your android boot?

    1. To my knowledge, linux is still missing hardware acceleration. So you will play your files in software mode, quite useless.
      You can use this firmware with BubbleUPNP and MXPlayer which are fine for this device.
      You can also read a SMB/CIFS share using ES Explorer.

  33. I tried downloading v2.0.5_en_US.img but I only get v2.0.5_en_US.exe.

    Is the link still valid?

    1. Still valid... did you check the md5 sum? Otherwise you can find alternate links there:

  34. Hi Thierry, I have two question..
    If there any possibility to always use the out audio CODEC? I mean, I use the video over HDMI and I have to change the audio output every time (because I have the home theater connect by the RCA)
    The second, probably you don't about it, but I use subtitles and I always need to set the character protocol, because is always in Chinese.

    1. Hi Decio,
      Do you know on which event does it change? When you power off/on the TV? When you suspend/resume? I guess there is something to do with output autodetection and this may be hardcoded in an Android app...
      Sorry for the subtitles, I still use MxPlayer that seems to work well with that.

    2. When I power on/off the tv, and also with when I suspend/resume..
      what do you suggest me?

    3. Hmm... I really don't know; I fear this "feature" to automatically switch audio to the new active link is coded in Android. Tuning this means recompile apks, something I did not take time to do seriously.

  35. Hi Thierry,
    The 16 GB internal SD card on my A1000G is corrupted after a crash during Reset to factory. Now the internal SD card cannot be mounted. I saw the following errors in Android system log during boot process:

    ERROR: exFAT file system not found
    Filesystem check failed
    ** /dev/block/vold/93:80
    Invalid signature in boot block
    /system/bin/fsck_msdos terminated by exit(2)
    Filesystem check failed (not a FAT filesystem)
    NTFS signature is missing.
    /system/bin/ntfs-3g.probe terminated by exit(12)
    Filesystem check failed (unknow exit code 12)
    /dev/block/vold/93:80 failed FS checks (I/O error)

    Do you know how to recover/reformat the internal SD card. Can we do it via Android terminal emulator app? If yes, could you please give me the command to reformat A1000G internal SD card.
    Thank you.

    1. I guess you mean you internal flash, /mnt/sdcard partition.
      Yes, you can re-format your partition under an android terminal emulator by performing this:
      busybox mkfs.vfat /dev/block/vold/93:80
      This will wipe your /mnt/sdcard

    2. I used busybox's mkfs.vfat command to reformat my internal flash /mnt/sdcard partition as you have suggested:

      u0_a44@android:/ # busybox mkfs.vfat /dev/block/vold/93:80
      u0_a44@android:/ # busybox fdisk -l /dev/block/vold/93:80

      Disk /dev/block/vold/93:80: 11.2 GB, 11274289152 bytes
      255 heads, 63 sectors/tracks, 1370 cylinders
      Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

      Disk /dev/block/vold/93:80 doesn't contain a valid partition table

      It looks like the partition table is also corrupted.
      Could please tell me what is the size and and filesystem format of the internal flash.
      I would like to use fdisk command to re-create my /mnt/sdcard partition to fix this problem.

    3. Here is the result of fdisk -l on my mele A2000:
      root@android:/ # busybox fdisk -l /dev/block/vold/93\:80

      Disk /dev/block/vold/93:80: 989 MB, 989855744 bytes
      255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 120 cylinders
      Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
      Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
      Otherwise, you could re-flash your device after having made a backup of your data with TitaniumBackup...

  36. Hello i noticed there are some differences between the scripts/makefile in this archive and those in your v2 flash kitchen.
    Also other differences in the partition scheme.
    Is there anywhere a v3 version of the kitchen?

    1. Ah, yes, I made some evolutions since the v2, but did not take time to release it.
      Here it is:
      The main use case I have with this kitchen is: ./, su
      and then the "magical" make build_sdcard . This creates the sdcard version in sdcard/

      Evolution (I performed a diff -r):
      mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/Makefile: fixed boot tar uncompressing error (due to bad userid)
      mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/ added -b option to wipe partitions before writing, minor fixes thanks to user Spell
      Created mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/partitions_4GB.txt and
      mele_flash_kitchen/sdcard/partitions_8GB.txt (just change the symbolic link partitions.txt to point to what you prefer)
      Created mele_flash_kitchen/tools/ a script that converts an Android update script (found in files) to a shell script. Handy to apply an update on an uncompressed system image.

    2. thanks :)
      the convert_updater_script_to_sh can be used to apply onto a sdcard image?

    3. It creates a shell script that can be launched to apply the unzipped, yes.
      I created android updater-script wrappers so that it can be launched from linux to copy files, setup permissions, ....
      Some things are stubbed (like flash boot.img, formatting, ...), steps that you must do manually if needed (boot.img can be extracted and copied manually).
      I use this script in order to create a new firmware from an

  37. Can you please include Bluetooth usb dongle facility.

  38. can anyone please upload this or newer version of this file. very help full to me.

  39. 4shared is soo slow if you can upload in mega or multiupload or
    it will be great

    1. Is it OK with mediafire? Usually, it works quite well...

  40. Hi thierry, there's a new version, but it's only for the A1000G.. F**k mele :P

    1. Indeed, yes, Mele A2000 is more or less dead. Even if I find it useful, developers seem to go on new architectures (quad-core CPUs). I attempted to compile CM9 but it failed due to repositories missing (developers broke their repos).

  41. Excellent work Thierry, thank you so much!

  42. H Thierry,

    When I try to compile the version for SD Card, I got the following error:
    BLKRRPART: Invalid argument.
    I have tried to use bb to zero the first bytes as well as the BLANK and -b option with no success. Any ideas ?

    Thanks for your blog.


    1. Hi,
      did you specify DEV=/dev/sdX (without any trailing number)?
      For example:
      make DEV=/dev/sdc (if your sdcard is detected as sdc).
      Hope this helps...

  43. Hi there, i just install 2.0.5 en_US, everything is ok, but one problem.
    i use my device with CVBS. it boots with html, then i set it to composite....
    it is HDMI again?

    is there any solution for this?
    I even try to change script.bin, but no success..

    thanks any way

    1. Well, sadly this hotplug feature is implemented in the framework (systemui/statusbar/policy/ and changing it leads to recompilation.
      Until now, I managed to patch without recompilation, this one is more tricky...

    2. thank you, i try to live with 2.04 :)

  44. Dear Thierry,
    I am a Windows user. Please tell me how to boot the firmware. I have read all the topic, but still nothing. I tried flashing the img on sd card with the phoenix. then i try booting it on the mele with the reset button and so on. what are steps?
    And one other question. i am downloading torrents on my ezternal HDD attached to the sata port, but the speeds are rediculusly low. what should i do? Formatted to ntf

    1. You did the right things:
      Using PhoenixCard:
      Using this firmware:
      - write the firmware on the SDCard,
      - then (the Mele device powered off), insert the sdcard
      - power on the Mele device, you should see this:
      - Be patient, it takes around 4 minutes to flash.
      - When the light is off, remove the sdcard and reboot your device.

      I don't use the SATA port, but it should'nt be slow. Perhaps an issue with the bittorrent client? Are you able to play HD movies (big thoughput) from the SATA disk?
      I use a CIFS mountpoint (over the network).

  45. unfortunatelly nothing happens. i did what you said, but no flashing of the led, when i plug the hdmi only blue screen. i tried the ddimg and burnt it with win32img but the result is the same.
    about the torrents -actually torrent was the only client that could download to the hdd. it would be great to use this feature because i purchased the mele hdd enclosure and it looks great.

    1. Please note that this firmware is for Mele A100,A1000,A1000G,A2000,A2000G,A3600,A3700.
      Perhaps this bittorrent client is not the best.
      Another solution: your hdd is plugged constantly, you could try to mount it manually on /mnt/sdcard and use any standard app.
      Install this application:
      and change the mountpoint (/mnt/sdcard/Files for example), and the device name (/dev/block/sda1 I guess).
      By this, any application will see your hdd since /mnt/sdcard is the Android standard storage area.
      Another solution is to edit /system/etc/vold.fstab, and change "/mnt/sata" to "/mnt/sdcard/Files" (Files directory must exist in /mnt/sdcard) if you are used with the command line.
      No guarantee this could work since these are suggestions...

  46. Hi
    Is there a link to the kernel source tree for V2.0.5? I would like to compile a set of modules for dvb-usb-dib0700 for this version.
    Thanks for your work.

    1. I don't know where to find the kernel sources they used. Nevertheless, the one from linux-sunxi should work:
      sunxi-3.0 seems to be the one matching best what is in v2.0.5.

  47. Hi Thierry,
    I have just added some optimization parameters to your v2.0.5.

    They seem to provide a little speed improvement in the games and emulators I have tested, far I have not detected any malfunction or instability.

    I am leaving them here, just in case anyone wants to try them.


    #Add these lines to the end of your /system/build.prop

  48. Hi, first of all, thanks for this wonderful fw. I have a question for you: what setting do I have to change to avoid that the Mele goes to standby after no activity for about 2 minutes???

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi,
      I thought I was the only one with this problem.
      You are right, it is a 2 minutes timeout, as 'screen_off_timeout' parameter (in milliseconds).
      You can change it via sqlite3 in command line:
      sqlite3 /data/data/ "update system set value='-1' where name='screen_off_timeout';"
      by this, timeout is set to '-1' (infinite).

    2. Hi,
      Could you tell me how to connect to the device in order to make the change?. I do not know how to do it...

      Thanks for your help!


    3. You need adb; to get a windows installer, just follow instructions on this forum thread:
      and then:
      adb connect IP.address.of.mele
      adb shell
      And then you can copy-paste this command.
      The IP.address.of.mele is the IP address you will find in network settings.
      Under linux, you can find adb here:
      (adb for windows alone is here:

    4. Thanks for the quick help! Done!

  49. Dear Thierry, could you please send me GappInstaller-1.2.apk because I delete it ocassionaly.

    1. Sure, here it is:

    2. Very many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Everything works!

  50. Thierry I have found this ropbox, in wich perhaps we can find a working recovery or mod it to work with newer versions, as you said that developers ddeleted them and broke compatibility

  51. Hi Thierry, i use an miniand hackberry. it runs very fast with this image. the problem, no ethernet/wifi connection.
    in the settings the mac address is shown but cable disconnected. wifi has no mac address.

    could u pls explain me what could i do.

    greetings christian

    1. Hi Christian,
      I guess there are wrong settings in the kernel.
      you should replace the script.bin embedded in this firmware by the hackberry's script.bin
      This file tunes at kernel-level the drivers, including the A10 Ethernet driver

    2. Hi Thierry,

      thanks for the info. I use your flash kitchen to replace the script.bin.
      i generate a sdcard with PhoenixCard_V310_20130618. because when i upgrade the board, there is a information on the screen like:

      sprite update error: fail to scan flash information
      sprite update error: current card sprite failed
      now hold the machine

      whats wrong?

      thanks christian

    3. I got this issue when using PhoenixCard 3.0.3 instead of the 3.06 version. Did you try the 3.0.6 version? Otherwise you can try the sdcard version. Replacing script.bin is easy since it is on the first partition of the generated sdcard.

  52. I have installed the minimal gapps zip with gapps installer program and it works perfect, no hangouts, no g+ no gmail.... no holy shit

  53. Thank you very much for this Rom! It works great on my Mele A2000.
    I tried to install Cheapcast to remote play youtube (and other) movies from my mobile phone. Cheapcast opens Youtube, but doesn't start the playback. Did anyone else try to install Cheapcast? Have you been successful?

  54. New iconbit firmware. It seems that mele has stopped the evolution of its firmware. I have seen that iconbit has published one for toucan_smart_3d wich is his mele A2000 rebranded.;O=A in its general manual and software section I cant see their new launcher, wich has uglier icons but more functions.
    I have extracted all apks and try to install them, but they dont work, perhaps I have to deodex them. It could be nice to try the new apks, and see if that firmware has any improvements. I could´t seen a changelog.

    1. New firmwarre has a new launcher with more icons and the options to select wich ones you want to use, miracase receiver apk, music players, and online upgrade and google play. In the other hand it hasn´t root support, so we cant delete stupid apps

    2. Yes, I tried already the mediacenter apk but sadly it doesn't work. Even the debug logcat did not give me any clue to solve the issue...

  55. 4.2.2 firmware?
    Hi Thierry, it seems that freetab android 4.2.2 firmware can run on allwinner a10.
    In this post ( ) the beta firmware was successfully installed on MK802II which has the "same' hardware specs as mele a2000 / a1000.
    Others tests are here :
    Latest firmware can be found here:
    I have installed both the beta and the final firmwares on my mele a1000 but they all boot in blank screen.

    1. Perhaps you should change the script.bin in this firmware and replace it by the Mele one. If I find time I will try to run it this week...

    2. I have tried it with the mele script.bin with no result. Maybe it does not install, maybe it miss some drivers ... don't know exactly what appends.

    3. OK, I have tried and it succeeds. Please take this script.bin:
      I managed to get it work with the sdcard version (I had to extend a bit the system partition).
      Hardware acceleration seems to work, but the display is not centered on HDMI and there is no sound. Perhaps the sound can be routed by some tunings...

  56. I have tried to see if that firm has hw aceleration, lost of higer versions for MK802II dont have it, so the improvements you add with a higger versionsaren´t really good because the lack of HW acceleration to view videos.

    1. The hardware acceleration is the first thing I check when I try a new firmware.
      When I ran this firmware ( with this script.bin ( I got HD720p videos working. The main issue is the sound: no sound. Another issue is the screen size and I am afraid the fix must be in the framework or worse, in the kernel.

    2. Ah! Sound is working. Just do setprop audio.routing 1024 (sets HDMI output).
      Got the information from this thread:
      Sound works correctly. The screen size issue remains but that's does not harm a lot (corners are a bit truncated).

    3. Thank you Thierry. Will try all this, this weekend.

    4. I prepared a sdcard version of my current tunings against this firmware.
      The remaining issues are the screen size and the remote that is not properly recognized (between others I did not see yet)

    5. Thank you very much. I have tried with script.bin you provided me, and it works. Nand install was ok. I have the same issue as you with the screen size and the remote. I was able to install mele launcher (from the 2.0.5 version) and it works.
      On the fly, I have tested a port of CyanogenMod 10.1 (android 4.2.2) to cubieboard1 (!topic/cubieboard/311xzf_ACkQ). It works well with hardware acceleration, but has the same issue with the remote. I'm searching how to solve this problem and will keep you informed.

    6. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

    7. Great! As far as I understand, you must tune /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl and /system/usr/keychars/Generic.kcm.
      Just try to get them from a Mele firmware... I did not try that.
      (edited my last reply, mistake in pathname)

    8. I have already replaced Generic.kl and sun4i-ir.kl (as told in the README file) without any result. Will add Generic.kcm from Mele firmware to see if things go better.
      Otherwise, I found this firmware (booted from my class4 sdcard) more responsive than the Freetab's one (installed to Nand).

    9. Hi Thierry. I understand the way you create a SDCard version making an uImage from the boot.img. My question is how to revert from sdcard to phoenixcard img in order to flash to nand. In other words, how can I revert from uImage to boot.img? I have tried to convert uImage to zImage (using # dd if=uImage bs=64 skip=1 of=zImage)and then build a boot.img but it does not work.

    10. Hi,
      should do the trick...
      The u-boot header is 64 bytes long so your command line skips it correctly.
      Be careful: the init.*.rc in the sdcard version are specific to sdcard (i.e. they talk about mmcblk0pX and not nandX).

    11. Hi, i tried the Cyanogenmod build Meletest pointed, since i only own an old tv plugged on composite av, i modified the script.bin to enable the tv output. Results, is it apparently does something since the tv goes black screen, but it won't go further, i was supposing that CM doesn't have the proper libs/drivers to handle that particular config, any idea what i should modify/add/change in order to get it running ?

  57. I have found this

    Build.prop device changed to iconBIT, in order to be able to use the Media Center from iconbit for iPTV

    I will try but my knowledge is not so good. I have extract vedionme with superior firmwares and it works good as a launcher, I will try to associate with Tvdvideo or MX Player

    1. This firmware seems to be for MK808B witch is based on a Rockchip RK3066 chipset, and the Dual Core ARM A9. Mele aXXX is allwinner a10 CPU with single core cortex a8. So, I doubt this firmware will boot on.

  58. Im not thinking on use the firmware I said, my goal is to try to use iconbit software in meles firmware instead, or continur using iconnit firmware, wich seems to be one of the latest published 26.11.2013

  59. I have been experimenting some tweakings with cpu governors. I have found that the lowest CPU speed is too low (60 Mhz) so the Mele is always lagging until the governor gets the CPU to the top speed.

    As Mele is not on battery is better to have a faster lower CPU speed (say 300 Mhz), I used Kernel Tuner app:

    but it's posible to do it command line:


    echo 300000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
    echo 1008000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

    I also found the "interactive" governor is usable in the stock kernel and gives a nice performance boost, "ondemand" is not advisable as it causes some lagging too in videos and arcade/console emulators. Again Kernel Tuner or command line.


    echo interactive > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

    Hope this is useful for somebody!

  60. Hi !
    my board have 1GB RAM, but v2.0.5_sdlive view only 307MB RAM
    how to make visible all 1GB RAM ?

    Best regards,

    1. i have same problem i thing tierry dont respont DID YOU FIND A WAY TO GIX IT?

  61. Hi mele a2000g i lost 1gb ram i have only 512gb is it possible to fix it?????

    1. Hi,
      Perhaps the script.bin is not appropriate for your device. You should try the sdcard version, and fix the script.bin in the boot partition to put 1024 instead of 512 MB.
      Here is a modified script.bin
      Rename it as script.bin and replace the one on the boot partition of the sdcard.
      That's strange since the current RAM size is configured as '0' (auto-detect).