samedi 11 mai 2013

Mele V2.0.3: Fixing "Unfortunately, the process has stopped."

After having installed the gapps against the Mele V2.0.3 firmware, this error popup appears:
"Unfortunately, the process has stopped"
This is due to the lack of ContactsProvider app.
Adding it makes the error disapear.

Install this: ContactsProvider.apk
This package comes from the 1.3.1 version of Mele firmware

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  1. Does that work for you? I keep getting the error after installing the package.

    1. Indeed, I still get the error. It allows the gmail client to work, but the annoying popup raises again. I fear I must use a firmware different from Mele in order to make gapps to work...

    2. Unsolved then this error?


    3. To be honest, I did not investigate any further. I am trying to run a JellyBean firmware for tablets on this HTPC. Not easy since these firmwares, even if they boot, have showstoppers (no USB, kernel panic on sleep mode, ...)

    4. The google play store has stopped working for me. Does it work for you guys?

  2. Hello Thierry
    In some images the adb over usb is disabled.
    You known how enable it? The usb mass storage is unavaliable too so maybe the otg port is disabled.


    1. Hi,
      adb over TCP is enabled in most ROMs by default.
      You still can enable adb over USB (never tried) by setting property:

      setprop debug.adb.usb 1

      So you should be able to perform adb connect (or whatever the device IP address is)

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  3. I,m sorry if put a question out this topic.
    I want bur this rom but i dont' i idea how do it.
    I tried with phoenx card but don't burn.
    Can you help me !
    Dont want my mele in chinese!

  4. Hi,

    Do you know if it works on Mele A200? I just tested with sdcard boot and only got a blue screen. Not sure if it´s booting.

    1. I only own a Mele A2000. This firmware is said to be compatible with A100, A1000, A1000G, A2000, A2000G, A3600, A3700.
      The firmware compatible with A200 is here:

  5. Hello Thierry!

    I installed v2.05 ( latest version ) and it works good. I also installed the YouTube apk as mentioned in your thread, 4.1.23.
    When I launch YouTube, it gives me the error that Unfortunately Youtube has stopped working and it quits.
    I tried to insatll from the google play the latest version but get the same error message.
    Can you, please, help me how to fix this error?